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Windhorst receives vote of confidence from conservative leaders throughout 117th District  


METROPOLIS, IL – Today, State Representative Patrick Windhorst, candidate for re-election as State Representative in the 117th House District, announced endorsements from more than 75 conservative local officials and leaders from Southern Illinois. 


“Since dethroning a political dynasty in 2018 to serve in Springfield, I have amassed a rock-solid conservative voting record of defending Southern Illinois values by opposing tax increases, fighting infringements on our Second Amendment rights, and defending the lives of the unborn. I look forward to providing southern Illinois a conservative voice once again and appreciate the backing of Southern Illinois community leaders,” said Windhorst. 


Among the growing list of local conservative leaders endorsing Representative Patrick Windhorst: 


Federal & State Leaders: 

Congressman Mike Bost 

Former Congressman John Shimkus 

State Senator Terri Bryant 

State Representative David Friess 

State Representative Paul Jacobs 

State Representative Adam Niemerg 

State Representative Dave Severin 


Mayors & Village Presidents: 

Brookport Mayor Rance Phillips 

Cave-In-Rock Mayor Marty Kaylor 

Galatia Village President Stephen Sloan 

Golconda Mayor Jon Broadway 

Goreville Mayor Larry Vaughn 

Harrisburg Mayor John McPeek 

Johnston City Mayor Doug Dobbins 

Joppa Village President Sue Sandusky 

Metropolis Mayor Don Canada 

Ridgway Mayor Nancy Kitchens 

Rosiclare Mayor Roy Tolbert 

Shawneetown Mayor David Barker 

Vienna Mayor Steve Penrod 

West Frankfort Mayor Tom Jordan 


County Elected Officials: 

Franklin County GOP Chairman Jim Kerley 

Franklin County Sheriff David Bartoni 

Franklin County Clerk Greg Woolard 

Franklin County Treasurer Steve Vercellino 

Franklin County Circuit Clerk Jim Muir 

Franklin County State's Attorney Abby Dinn 

Franklin County Board Chair Larry Miller 

Franklin County Board Member Kevin Weston 

Franklin County Board Member Brad Wilson 


Gallatin County GOP Chairman Rob Prince 

Gallatin County Board Member Andrew Lunsford 


Hamilton County GOP Chairman John Chapman 

Hamilton County Sheriff Tracy Lakin 

Hamilton County Treasurer Sarah Hall 


Hardin County GOP Chairman Rhonda Belford 

Hardin County Coroner Jessica Cullum 

Hardin County Sheriff Jerry Fricker 

Hardin County State's Attorney Todd Bittle 

Hardin County Board Chair David Robinson 

Hardin County Board Member Darrick Armstrong 

Hardin County Board Member Ricky Williams 


Johnson County GOP Chairman Kenneth Wiggs 

Johnson County Treasurer Mitchell McClellan 

Johnson County Circuit Clerk Ryan O'Neal 

Johnson County Sheriff Pete Sopczak 

Johnson County State's Attorney Tambra Cain 

Johnson County Coroner David Rockwell 

Johnson County Board Chair Gary Brumley 

Johnson County Board Member Jason Taylor 


Massac County GOP (Acting) Chairman Chuck Peck  

Massac County Sheriff Chad Kaylor 

Massac County Circuit Clerk Marcus Grace 

Massac County State's Attorney Josh Stratemeyer 

Massac County Clerk Hailey Miles 

Massac County Board Member Jeff Brugger 

Massac County Board Member Jayson Farmer 


Pope County GOP Chairman Kelvin Kunath 

Pope County Sheriff Jerry Suits 

Pope County Clerk Connie Gibbs 

Pope County State's Attorney Jason Olson 

Pope County Treasurer Shelley Friend 

Pope County Board Chair Tim Wallace 

Pope County Board Member Lindzey Barger 

Pope County Board Member Larry Richards 


Saline County GOP Chairman Robert Holmes 

Saline County Sheriff Whipper Johnson 

Saline County Coroner Jerry Doug Watson 

Saline County Clerk Jimi Williams-Cox 

Saline County Treasurer Jeremy Maloney 

Saline County State's Attorney Molly Kasiar 

Saline County Circuit Clerk Randy Nyberg 

Saline County Board Chair Jay Williams 

Saline County Board Member Chris Penrod 

Saline County Board Member Rona R. Bramlet 

Saline County Board Member Wes Sherrod 

Saline County Board Member Jonathan Russell 

Saline County Board Member Mike McKinnies 

Saline County Board Member Ryan Lambert 

Saline County Board Member Todd Horton 

Saline County Board Member Casey Perkins 

Saline County Board Member Jean Ellis 


White County State's Attorney Denton Aud 


Williamson County Clerk Amanda Barnes 

Williamson County Treasurer Ashley Gott 

Williamson County Commissioner Tim Atkisson 

Williamson County Commissioner Jim Marlo 


“I have a track record Southern Illinois community leaders can trust. I represent the people of southern Illinois and not the special interests or Springfield power brokers,” Windhorst said. 


A former prosecutor, Windhorst led the House Republican fight against Democrats’ anti-police bill last year which weakened deterrents for criminals and made law enforcement’s job of protecting the public much harder. For his efforts, Windhorst was named “Public Official of the Year” by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. Windhorst has opposed Gov. JB Pritzker’s continued executive overreach, publicly demanded answers for the governor’s mismanagement of state government throughout the pandemic and stands strong against the extreme liberal agenda of Democrats in Springfield. 


For more information on State Representative Patrick Windhorst’s re-election campaign, visit



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